Tilly Dillehay is the author of Broken Bread: How to Stop Using Food and Fear to Fill Spiritual Hunger (June 2020) and Seeing Green:  Don’t Let Envy Color Your Joy (Sept. 2018).


Broken Bread: How to Stop Using Food and Fear to Fill Spiritual Hunger

God Cares More About How You Eat Than What You Eat

Christians should have their heads on straight about food—but too often, our eating is complicated by burdens and rules, by diets and denial. So how can we keep a spiritually healthy view of what we eat? Should Christians stop eating white sugar? Does the Bible ask us to go paleo? When we use food to signal superiority, is that any worse than when we use food to indulge our fleshly appetites? 

In Broken Bread, Christian Book Award Winner® Tilly Dillehay challenges us to abandon the concept of good and bad foods. Identifying the four major fears that drive our eating, she offers a way to celebrate food without obsession, to be healthy without bondage to rules, and to have restful feelings around food while fulfilling our family responsibilities. Meanwhile, she reveals with wisdom and grace why most questions about food aren’t really about nutrition, but about how we understand God.    

This isn’t another diet book. You won’t find any system or plan for eating, but a joyful call to develop a vision of Christ that informs the way you eat. Learn how to delight in every aspect of eating, and sit down at the table to discover the feast for today that whispers about the eternal feast to come.

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Seeing Green: Don’t Let Envy Color Your Joy

2019 Christian Book Award®

“Tilly’s own joy in freedom from envy is contagious, and you will find yourself challenged, encouraged, and wondering what needs to be uncovered in your life.”
-Rachel Jankovic, What Have You podcast

Seeing Green gently but persistently exposed the envy in my life and made me want something better.”
-Betsy Childs Howard, The Gospel Coalition

What Do You Do When Envy Clouds Your Heart?

You know that feeling, don’t you? That heart sting when someone else receives the very thing you desire. When your best friend announces her engagement. When your sister says she’s pregnant. When your coworker gets the promotion. You tell yourself you’re happy for her, but you feel a hint of something else. That something is envy.

What if, in those moments, you were able to turn away from the green glow of envy, and see the spotlight of God’s glory shine on your friend? What if your first response was joy?

Join Tilly Dillehay as she uncovers seven common sources of envy and challenges you to change the way you think about God’s glory. In doing so, you will learn to rejoice with others, you will experience greater contentment, and you will discover how to truly love your neighbor as yourself.


Tilly is an experienced public speaker who loves spending time with women in local churches. To book her for your women’s ministry event, email tilly.dillehay@gmail.com

Tilly has been interviewed by, among others, Focus on the Family, The Heart Lessons Podcast with Sarah Rieke, By Faith with Christine Hoover, The Boundless Show (starting at minute 22:00), Cooper and Carey Have Words, and Faith Radio’s On the Road with Ryan Thomas.

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