Weekly Trifecta (July 9)

Ok, so I realize it hasn’t exactly been weekly of late. But better late than never. And yes, I need to catch y’all up on some of mine and Tilly’s own articles.

  1. Steven Wedgeworth, “How Does God Define Family?” “The family certainly loves and supports other social groups, particularly the extended family and church community, but the natural or domestic family is never absorbed or replaced by these groups. Instead, families love and support others precisely by being the right kind of families.”
  2. Justin Dillehay, How Is the Least in the Kingdom Greater Than John the Baptist?” “Suppose I were to compare myself with some great biblical prophet (like Isaiah) and conclude I was greater than he. That would seem foolish, not to mention arrogant…But what if Jesus were the one making the comparison? And what if you and I came out looking better in his comparison than in mine?”
  3. Tilly Dillehay, Blessed are the Peacemaking Mothers.” “How can we get peace when there’s clutter because we’re in the middle of a morning of homeschooling? When there is so much noise? When we haven’t had a good night of sleep, and when our own children, and our own hearts, are producing much of the sin and conflict we deal with each day?”
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