Weekly Trifecta (June 4)

Here they are.

  1. Cheryl Mendelson, Writing Your Own Vows Is Not a Piece of (Wedding) Cake. “Couples who choose to write their own vows want a unique, personal, and distinctive wedding. But what works best may be what’s familiar…Every marriage is the start of something new and unique. Every wedding, no matter how conventional, has its own special flavor. But every wedding is also the ritual celebration of what a new marriage shares in common with all other marriages…”
  2. Justin Dillehay, Contending for the Faith in a Confused Culture. “We…live in a time of great theological confusion, and the temptation to give people what they want instead of what they need remains as strong as ever. But fallen people have never been good judges of what they need. So the most unloving thing we could do is tweak the faith in order to give people what they want. And the most loving thing we can do is exactly what Jude said: contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.”
  3. Scott Hubbard, What Does Ongoing Sin Say About Me? “Christians commit sins. At times, they may even commit grievous sins, as David and Peter did. But Christians do not love their sins. And only beloved sins undo us.”
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