Weekly Trifecta (May 28)

I’ve got a very good lineup this week.

  1. Greg Morse, Jesus, Ready to Forgive: How God Summons the Guilty. “Come be clothed. Come be filled. Come be satisfied. Come be made whole. Come be forgiven. Come delight in an eternity with God. Whether for the first time or the hundredth, see Jesus standing, ready to forgive you.”
  2. Mary Eberstadt, Girls Will Be Boys: The trans-kid craze must be stopped. If you’ve never read anything by Mary Eberstadt, you’re missing out. This article, in which she compares the cult of QAnon with the cult of teenage girl transgenderism, is a good sample of her insightfulness. “Maybe living too long within the two-dimensional reality of the internet corrodes one’s sense of three-dimensional reality—including the three-dimensional reality of one’s own body and ineradicable DNA.”
  3. Fred Sanders, Follow the Trinity by Following Christ: Discipleship in a Trinitarian Key. “The unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is a deeper, stronger, more intimate union than anything in creation. It’s simply not possible to know one person of the Trinity without the others.”
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