Weekly Trifecta (May 21)

Here they are as (almost) always.

  1. Joe Rigney, What Does the Lord Require of Me? The Ten Commandments and Christian Ethics. “[As] we approach the Ten Commandments, we don’t approach them directly. We come to them through Christ, who is the Supreme Lawgiver of the new covenant. And as his disciples, we seek to observe all that he commanded.”
  2.  Abigail Dodds, Young Mom, You Can Read the Bible.  “You see, the advice to rise very early before the kids were awake in order to read the Bible is basically good advice. And if that’s your habit, I encourage you to continue in it. It assumes that reading God’s word is better than sleep. And it is! But in the case of moms with little ones, it also assumes that reading God’s word is an inflexible, solitary endeavor in which we must choose between needed sleep and the needed reading of God’s word. While that may be the case in certain moments, it isn’t always the case.”
  3. Denny Burk, How To Turn Complementarians into Egalitarians. “…[The] endgame for [Beth Allison] Barr is to have women hold the office of pastor, but she recognizes that it’s unrealistic to expect complementarian churches to do that all at once. The strategy is to put women in teaching and leadership roles over men. After people see that a woman can fulfill the function of a pastor, they will be more open to accepting her into the office of pastor. The endgame is not teaching Sunday school. It’s the pastorate.”
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