Weekly Trifecta (April 23)

Here are three helpful articles, plus a bonus.

  1. Kevin DeYoung, Reparations: A Critical Theological Review. A new book by two PCA pastors has recently been published advocating reparations to African Americans. Kevin DeYoung is characteristically careful and astute in his analysis.
  2. Andrew Walker, Embattled on All Sides, Does Religious Liberty Have a Future? Walker is one of the finest political and ethical thinkers writing from a Christian perspective.
  3. Matt Smethurst, Your Whole Bible Is About Jesus. Matt Smethurst is just a flat out good writer. If I weren’t so caught up in the glories of Jesus reading this article, I’d be envious of his wordsmithiness.
  4. Justin Dillehay, If Justification Is Once-for-All, Why Do I Need to Keep Repenting? Originally published by The Gospel Coalition, this piece has just been republished with a new title (a slightly more interesting one).
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