Weekly Trifecta (April 2)

Have a blessed Good Friday!

  1. Greg Lanier, Curtain Torn in Two: What Did the Tearing of the Veil Accomplish? “Amid a tumult of apocalyptic events, this curtain “was torn” (passive voice) from “top to bottom,” with both details hinting at God’s direct intervention from heaven. He tears the curtain that guards his presence.” But why?”
  2. Justin Dillehay, Philippians 2 and the Mind-Blowing Mystery of Christian Obedience. In Philippians 2:12–13, Paul takes one of the strongest statements in all Scripture about our responsibility to obey, and then blows our mind by laying it right beside one of the strongest statements in all Scripture about God’s sovereignty over our obedience. And perhaps most important, he tells us how these two realities relate to each other.
  3. Amy Hall, Do Not Nod Your Head to Lies. “We’ve now reached a point in this country where a major news organization is making statements they know to be false—statements which every one of their readers knows to be false—and not only are people nodding their heads in agreement with those statements, but they’re also shaming anyone who would dare speak up against them.Please understand that in order to maintain this level of a reality rewrite, the shame is necessary to keep the truth at bay. And shame will not be enough. Increasing force will no doubt follow.”
  4. Here’s a bonus, since I missed last week: Benjamin Vrbicek, Dear Twitter, I’m Leaving You for My Wife.
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