Weekly Trifecta (March 5)

Spring is coming! In the meantime, may these articles instruct your mind and strengthen your resolve.

  1. Carl Trueman, A New Pastoral Problem. You may need to take some blood pressure medicine after reading this one. “The problem my pastor friend faces is how to counsel parents of teenage girls who will not drink anything before going to school lest they have to use the bathrooms that, thanks to the stroke of President Biden’s pen, are now open to teenage boys who think—or claim—to have been born in the wrong bodies.”
  2. Matthew Colvin, Review of Icons of Christ: Plausibility Structures. Don’t let the confusing title put you off. Yes, this is a book review. But it’s also chock full of wisdom about what it means to be a man or woman, and how we know. “How is it, for instance, that Joseph’s family knows that the sun in his dream represents his father, and the moon his mother? The meaning of fatherhood, the voice of a father, is everywhere assumed to be important in Scripture – and is assumed to be distinct from motherhood and the voice of a mother. The sex of sacrificial animals is minutely specified in the Torah, though the modern mind has a hard time understanding why this should be so. “Is not a dead cow just as good as a dead ox?” The primarily domestic calling of women, so despised and rejected by modern feminism, is assumed as fundamental throughout the Scriptures. For traditional Christians, the proposal to replace male priests with female ones is as unthinkable as the idea of replacing their biological fathers with second mothers. To persuade traditional Christians, Witt would need to address the fact that they have not embraced the plausibility structures that make [women’s ordination] seem right and good.”
  3. Justin Dillehay, The Most Neglected Doctrine About Christ. See if you can guess what it is before you click on the article.
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