Weekly Trifecta (February 20)

Trying to get back on a decent schedule. May God use these articles to bless and instruct you.

  1. Keith Mathison, Did God Praise the Hebrew Midwives for Lying? I think this is the best answer to an oft-asked question.
  2. L. Michael Morales, Moses’s Life is a Movie Trailer. I was the acquiring editor on this one. I read this section in Morales’s book Exodus Old and New and was so fascinated by it that I wanted others to read it, too.
  3. Timon Cline, Against “Worldview” As Ideology. If you’re following discussions about Critical Race Theory in the Southern Baptist Convention, Timon Cline is a good resource. And if you think that “Christian worldview thinking” is totally awesome and have no idea why it could ever be unhelpful, you should read this.
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