Weekly Trifecta (December 1)

Sorry I’m a few days late on this. Here are three very helpful articles from this week.

  1. Joe Rigney, What We Still and Will Believe: The Precious Clarity of Enduring Creeds. “The people of God have always been a confessional people, offering short summaries of their beliefs and convictions about who God is and what he’s done…But should we? If we have the Scriptures, do we need these additional statements?”
  2. Mary Eberstadt, The Fury of the Fatherless. “Here’s a new theory: The explosive events of 2020 are but the latest eruption along a fault line running through our already unstable lives. That eruption exposes the threefold crisis of filial attachment that has beset the Western world for more than half a century. Deprived of father, Father, and patria, a critical mass of humanity has become socially dysfunctional on a scale not seen before.” If you read only one of these articles, read this one.
  3. Doug Wilson, Singleness as Affliction. Wilson argues that “singleness is an affliction if it was not chosen freely and voluntarily for the sake of kingdom work, and the person concerned is of a marriageable age, and would very much like to be married.”
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