Weekly Trifecta (November 7)

  1. Brett McCracken, 2020 Proves We Don’t Need More Information. (We Need Something Else.) “I’m increasingly convinced that media habits are a discipleship matter that must be foregrounded in church ministry. What dubious sources (podcasts, “news” outlets, subreddits, YouTube channels, Facebook groups) are shaping Christians today? What are the trustworthy, wisdom-giving sources we should be pointing people to instead?”
  2. Abigail Dodds, Blessed Are the Unoffendable “I remember the flush of embarrassment that came to my face as I realized that my friend was letting me know I hadn’t been invited to be a part of the group of women she was meeting with regularly — and not by accident…”
  3. Trevin Wax, Why Many Americans Will Be Shocked on Election Day This one will still be relevant for future elections.
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