Weekly Trifecta (October 8)

Sorry for the lapse over the last couple of weeks. First I had the Coronavirus, then my wife and at least one of my kids had the Coronavirus. Those are my excuses for missing. Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite recent reads–I’ve thrown in an extra to make up for the missed weeks.

  1. Joe Rigney, What Makes a Man — or a Woman? Lost Voices on a Vital Question This is part of great series from Desiring God on what nature teaches about manhood and womanhood. 
  2. Ramesh Ponnuru and Robert P. George, Voting For Life This could be subtitled “Why pro-life Christians shouldn’t vote for Joe Biden, in response to recent arguments from some who are.” 
  3. Tilly Dillehay, How the Rod Can Point Children to God From our very own Tilly Dillehay, wife of my youth and mother of my children. “God’s discipline is loving and patient correction of those who already belong to him, not a capricious lashing out of anger. We would do well to model this kind of discipline for our children.”
  4. Joshua Gibbs, Why We Need Frog And Toad More Than Ever This article wouldn’t have meant as much four years ago, before I someone gave me Frog and Toad Are Friends to read to my children. But now it makes sense. “Children’s books have become increasingly squeamish when it comes to addressing genuine human problems, let alone the idea that vice must be painfully overcome through virtue.”
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