Weekly Trifecta (October 24)

It’s that time. Here are three articles that I think are worth your time.

  1. David Mathis, Why Jesus Was Not a Woman. “As with his Jewishness, the manhood of Christ is a stubborn, objective fact of history that unsettles modern sentiments, and holds important lessons, challenges, and encouragements for both men and women alike, and especially so in our times of such confusion about sex. So, could Christ have come as woman and not as man?”
  2. Justin Dillehay, How to Stay Awake in a World of Spiritual Tranquilizers. Yes, I wrote this one…but if I didn’t think it worth your time, I wouldn’t have written it. “It might seem odd to lump drowsiness and drunkenness together. It’s not like they’re moral equivalents. But that’s exactly what Paul does in 1 Thessalonians 5:6, telling us ‘not [to] sleep, as others do, but [to] keep awake and be sober.’”
  3. Joshua Wester, A Letter to a Friend: Voting in the 2020 Election. “Voting is always pragmatic to some degree. No candidate or platform is perfect. And even when you vote for a candidate you really believe in, you know he or she will not always speak or vote the way you wish. This is why Christians need to work hard to keep politics in its place. Politics is a necessary component of ordering public life. It is a useful tool, but a horrible savior.”
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