Weekly Trifecta (September 11)

This was a much better week for articles–so much so that I’ll have to save some of them for next week.

  1. Russell Moore, Why Unhealthy People Crave Controversy. This is Russell Moore at his best, and I know from experience (as well as Scripture) that he’s right. “Over the years I’ve seen Christians who have engaged in controversy when needed, and I’ve observed the way that the Christlike among them so often do it—with a sense of love for the good, and for the well-being of those they believe in error, not a love for the fighting itself. And I have seen those I thought were “zealous for the truth” who, in time, proved to just be zealous for the feeling of zeal. These were the ones who fought about almost everything. As the years have gone by, I have seen many such people come to light as those who were hiding deep wounds and often scandalous sin. An older pastor told me, “Nothing makes people angrier at others than shame in themselves.” That has proven true countless times.”
  2. Alastair Roberts, The Virtues of Dominion. Has the modern American church failed men? And if so, how can we do better? “Where the church has particularly failed is in effectively addressing man as the head. For many Christians, the concept of male headship is a culturally embarrassing biblical teaching that needs either to be rejected (the more popular egalitarian option) or qualified to virtual extinction (which is more common among complementarians). Concepts such as that of the ‘servant leader’ have been employed to soften the teaching. Where the concept is most emphasized, it can be attended more by blame than by honor.”
  3. Greg Morse, The Envy of Angels: What Heaven Sees in the Redeemed. Greg Morse writes a Screwtape-like letter from a holy angel. “My Beloved Toviel, Praise be to God for your man’s continued progress in grace. We marvel at the mercies that daily attend him; what he has become (and is becoming) makes demons sneer and seraphs praise. What a privilege — through such a world of dangers, devils, and delusions — to see him safely home.”
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