Weekly Trifecta (August 7)

It’s that time of week again. Here were my three favorite articles. If you only have time for one, read the first one.

  1. Mary Kassian, “Strong as a WomanI gasped the first time I saw a man hit a woman…I was watching an action movie in the family room with my teenaged boys…I gasped. And almost dropped my popcorn. Wait. No. Good guys don’t do that. Good guys do not hit women. Hitting a woman demonstrates weakness, not strength. In all my years of watching action movies with my boys, I had never seen a male protagonist strike a woman or engage her in hand-to-hand combat. A lot has changed.
  2. Alyssa Childers, “Jen Hatmaker and the Made-to-Order GospelHatmaker offers some helpful advice. Unfortunately, though, she spends a good bit of time bashing the church, diminishing the clarity of Scripture, and downplaying the necessity of obedience to Jesus’s teachings. Instead of embracing the beauty of grace, she teaches a gospel of works. “Do the work” is the takeaway. Reminiscent of the Osteenian promise of “your best life now,” Fierce will leave the reader with nothing but herself to deal with the consequences of following her fallen heart.
  3. David VanDrunen, “Should Protestants Reject Natural Law? Responding to Common ObjectionsSince Scripture itself affirms that the created order reveals God’s moral law and that all people are accountable to God for their response to it, it is self-defeating for Christians to turn their backs on natural law for the sake of promoting biblical teaching. Scripture should be a source of confidence that creation is morally meaningful and that objective reality is on Christians’ side.
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