Weekly Trifecta (August 31)

Better late than never.

  1. Justin Dillehay, How Romans 9 Anticipates Objections to Unconditional Election In Romans 9, Paul addresses two of the same objections still raised against Calvinistic doctrine, and he doesn’t answer the objections the way an Arminian would.
  2. Tilly Dillehay, Gardening Your Way Back to Eden “We wait for the day when moth and rust no longer destroy. We wait for the purging of weeds and the flourishing of cultivated plants. We wait for the Creator to show us what this garden would look like if the fall had never happened. No, not if it had never happened—if it had happened, but had been used to produce a story even more glorious. We wait and watch as he shows that the loss of the first garden laid down compost for another. We’re waiting for the last Eden.And in that waiting, we put our hand to the plow and don’t look back.”
  3. Gene Edward Veith, The End of Sex Scenes “The obligatory sex scene–long a staple of R-rated movies–has been made problematic by the #Me-Too Movement. Now the coronavirus might finish them off.” I say “Good riddance.” 
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