Weekly Trifecta (August 15)

I’m a day late, but here are my favorite articles from last week. I only have two this week.

  1. Colin Smothers, Why I Am a Complementarian “Every year, a new batch of young men and women encounter afresh questions surrounding what the Bible teaches about men and women, and many are wrestling with what biblical fidelity requires of them. This struggle is made especially difficult by a culture which from the crib has subtly catechized them in male-female interchangeability. Egalitarianism is in the air we breathe and the water we swim. We could say that in our current moment, egalitarianism is easily caught while complementarianism must be taught. I write this short piece on complementarianism with this new generation in mind.”
  2. Randy Newman, How to Tackle Taboo Topics in Evangelism “Righteousness and self-control and the coming judgment” (Acts 24:25). Some people tell us these are exactly the topics we should avoid. “Just stick to the simple gospel,” they urge—but often fail to define “simple.” They might insist we only talk about Jesus—who he was, why he came, and what he accomplished on the cross. In many instances, I’m inclined to agree with them. But they take it too far when they exhort us to never get into people’s personal business or morality or sex lives. Paul selects a trifecta of uncomfortable topics in Acts 24, just as Jesus raises the issue of the woman’s five husbands and her current live-in boyfriend in John 4.”
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