Weekly Trifecta (July 31)

My three favorite articles from this week are as follows:

  1. Alastair Roberts, Reading Scripture Like a Berean May Look Different than You Think. “Many of us grew up being exhorted to be “Berean Christians,” meaning we were encouraged to go back home and study our personal Bibles to see if our pastors’ teaching was accurate. While there is doubtless merit in this practice, it’s exceedingly unlikely that this is what the Bereans were doing.”
  2. Yuval Levin, Anthropology Defines the RightOne of my favorite conservative thinkers here. “What often sets conservatives apart from progressives is our view that the human person is imperfect, broken, perhaps fallen, and yet also created in a divine image. This suggests to us that human beings require formation in order to be free, and that our institutions exist to enable that formation, but that as they do so they must also respect the inherent (indeed sacred) dignity of every human individual.”
  3. Kevin DeYoung, Thinking Theologically About Racial Tensions: Sin and GuiltThis is the third (and best) installment in DeYoung’s series on racial tensions. Read it, share it, and discuss it with those reading it with you. 
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