Weekly Trifecta (Inaugural Post)

I read a lot of online articles. Probably too many. Some of them I share on Facebook, some of them I email to friends. So in the tradition of other bloggers, I thought I would start issuing a regular Friday post linking my favorite reads of the week. They aren’t necessarily published this week, but they’ll be articles I’ve read this week. Some bloggers do seven or eight, but to keep from loading myself down, I’m going to limit myself to three (hence the name, “Weekly Trifecta”). The way I figure, if God is satisfied with being three persons, then I should be satisfied with sharing three articles. Plus you might actually be able to read them all. (For you new readers, that thing about the Trinity was a joke.)

So here are my my three favorites from this week:

  1. Phil Anderas“The Gospel of Righteousness: A Reply to Matthew Bates” Is justification central to the gospel? Phil Anderas says yes. Find out why, and why some disagree.
  2. Greg Morse- “Seeing the World in Black and White: How Much Do Assumptions Divide Us?” Morse, an African American Christian, does some soul-searching about his reflexive inner response to an elderly white woman who appeared to grunt and cross the street rather than walking past him. 
  3. Greg Lanier – “Resurrected Saints and Matthew’s Weirdest Passage” How many empty tombs were there on Easter morning? The answer is “More than one.”
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