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Hi friends,

I apologize for going back on my promise to post every week but in this case there’s an exciting excuse for it: I’ve been on manuscript deadline. I’ve entered into a publishing agreement with Harvest House for my book about envy, and it’s scheduled to release on September 4, 2018 (yes, a year from now!). Right now, it goes by the working title Green: Battling envy to the glory of God.

This is what I’ve been mainly working on for the last few weeks. The manuscript, which has actually been complete for over a year now, just needed some final tweaks and was due end of September. It’s safely gone now, ready for the next phase of the publication process. Justin and I are very excited.

This ended up being my own project; Justin helped me with some of the chapters early on and we’d originally tried to force ourselves into a co-writing structure but it just didn’t work. So I went forward with it, with his blessing. Next time I think it’ll be his turn to write what he is actually interested in writing and we’ll try and get his project published:D

A back-cover synopsis:


You know it when you see it on a person—glory. Everybody is walking around with evidence that they were made in the image of a glorious God, and their bodies, talents, minds, possessions, and relationships impress you for that reason.

So what do you do when your brother is richer, your sister is prettier, your friend is more talented, your coworker is more efficient, and your best friend has a better marriage? Perhaps you hate these glories when they are given to somebody else. There’s a name for this reaction: envy.

There’s only one way out—you’ll have to learn to recognize, delight in, and praise God for what he’s given to the people around you. Someday you’ll be awash in the kind of glory that makes you forget to compare.


The Green Workshop

I’m also in the testing stage of a half-day workshop for women on the subject of envy. The kind folks at Reformed Baptist Church of Nashville have agreed to be guinea pigs, and the first Green Workshop will be held there on November 4, 2017, 9:30-1:30 with catered lunch provided. Sign up information for that workshop will be forthcoming.


So this has been half announcement and half apology for missing my writing day last week. (It honestly came down to a decision between having a clean diaper on the baby, food on the table, laundry in the drawer… and blogging:D  There seemed to be no contest.)

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