Feed your children fruit

My oldest girl would subsist on fruit alone if she could. Blueberries, apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, melons, grapes, pineapples, pears—she asks for these things many times a day, and I wash, cut, peel, slice, ball, and plate them for her many times a day. I taste the fruit to see if it is good to my taste, and when it is, I pass it along to her, delighting in her pleasure.

Eve was another lady, our first ancestor, who had the impulse to pass along fruit.

She tasted fruit and mistook the pleasure it gave. What seemed to her like sweetness was actually poison that hadn’t matured. She, like so many women who followed, was possessed of an instinct to pass fruit along as soon as she’d discovered it, without pausing to be certain of the contents of a juicy rind. This feminine passing of fruit was the impetus that killed a world.

We were given a second Adam to bring the true sweetness back to us. Not the sweetness that matures into poison; his sweetness is the honey of God, the righteousness that satisfies fully. The second Adam was given to a race of first Adams, a race of ruinous bunglers, liars, thieves, and cowardly rebels hiding in bushes. God saw our Adam and raised us a second Adam. So, as we all died together in our Adam-father, we were raised in Christ, the God-Adam.

And now, when I stand in a grove of trees with my daughters, I have the opportunity to hand them two different kinds of fruit, as my feminine impulse directs me. I am driven to share and to show and to feed… but now there is true honey to be shared, to be shown, to be fed. I can taste and see that the Lord is good, and I can slice this glorious truth, dice it, and plate it again and again for my children. When I sin, I can repent, and they taste the good fruit. When I am sinned against, I can correct and forgive, and they taste the good fruit. When I read, I can read aloud, and they taste the good fruit. When I pray, I can pray aloud, and they taste the good fruit.

I am Eve—a fruit-sharer—but through the second Adam, a second Eve.



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