The sweet uncapturables of parenting

I got this sweet and well-written note from a seasoned parent at my church, who I’ll just call Schmolly Shmaker, and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it here. She was responding to this post.

I thought others would enjoy her comments, reflecting on the sweet uncapturables of parenting:

…I too crave to remember all that happens in front of me in our family.  Oh, she was so astoundingly beautiful at that moment!  Oh, look at his little face!  Has any child ever been as witty and clever as him at that age?  But, as you are realizing, it will never happen.  What it has done in my own heart is humble me and cause me to stand silent before our God who must be so much bigger and more creative and more beautiful than I ever realized.

If I have seen such wonderful things living 24 hours a day with just 5 children, surely it is not that we are so rare and unusually gifted.  Surely it is because all individuals are so indowed from their creator.  If I see it in my own, surely they also did in 1942 and 1872 and 1632.  If I see it in Westmoreland, sure they also see it in L.A. and Beijing.  It makes me not even want to try to capture it all anymore.  It makes me sit back in stillness and wonder even more about this amazing God whom I have so undeservingly have come to know.

Chill, [Sch]Molly!  Just love your family!  Just enjoy one another!  Don’t think yours is so amazing!  Think of who made them!  Of course they are beautiful and delightful and witty.  All family members have been from the beginning of time, because they all are a reflection of their creator.

It has caused me to relax and appreciate the hugeness of God in a different way.  Maybe you are too.



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