Things I have cried about while pregnant

It’s Election Day, and so much has been said about this bizarre and distasteful election that I have no interest in reading or saying anything else about it. Now, we wait.

In the meantime, I think a little bit of lighter fare is in order. To that end, I’ve composed a list for you of things I’ve cried about while pregnant at some point over the last three years:


Things I’ve cried about while pregnant

  • I thought we had bed bugs because my legs were itchy
  • I killed a mouse
  • The movie Terms of Endearment was too sad
  • The Sound of Music’s number “The Sound of Music” was too good
  • A song from the movie Pitch Perfect was too good
  • A beautiful elegy during the funeral service of a Christian friend
  • I got a feeling one of my friends doesn’t like me as much as I like her
  • My husband’s haircut that I gave him
  • A sermon about God’s grace from Romans
  • A Janet Oake book about a mail-order bride
  • Several spots in the “Addy” American Girl books series
  • My daughter fell asleep and I missed her
  • My daughter woke up in the middle of the night again
  • I couldn’t get the door to the back shed open after trying for ten minutes
  • I experienced an overwhelming feeling of well-being
  • I had an argument with my husband over a serious family matter
  • My husband gave me a gift card for a pedicure
  • My daughter fell four feet off of my bed onto her face
  • My daughter suddenly wouldn’t eat beans
  • The hymn “It is well with my Soul”
  • A Yo-yo Ma best of CD
  • A children’s book from the Dolly Parton book club about a childless old bear who finds a young orphan bear in the woods and takes care of him
  • My daughter’s eyelashes


Things I fully expect to cry about while pregnant

  • Election results
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