The Green Workshop


The Green Workshop is a devotional event for the women of your church. It is led by Tilly Dillehay, author of Seeing Green: Don’t Let Envy Color Your Joy  (Harvest House, Sept. 2018). The workshop is ordinarily given in three 50-minute sessions, but can be customized to fit your church’s needs.

Would you like to see this event at your church? Send this page to whoever handles women’s ministry! To schedule, email or call 615.480.0924.



“It was a huge blessing to go to this workshop. I learned so much about God’s Glory and how he distributes it to everyone in different amounts. I was convicted that instead of envy my response should be to praise God when I see the beauty in others. Thank you Tilly for all that you shared about your own personal life and all that you taught us.”


“The Green Workshop was so eye-opening and educational for me! I enjoyed every session. Tilly is such an eloquent speaker, but very relatable at the same time. I’m so thankful that God inspired her to write a book about envy and that she is willing and able to speak on it with fellow sisters.”


“I was greatly blessed by ‘The Green Workshop.’ Tilly gave us a comprehensive list of manifestations of envy that keep us from a proper worshipful heart toward God. Facing our sin, she gave us a step-by-step solution. Repent, turn to God, put-off, put-on, and be reconciled. Wonderful. Thank you for your transparency and conviction! Can’t wait for the book!”

-Barbara, pastor’s wife

“Tilly displays the gift of teaching on this sin, where she weaves the power of God’s word, sound Christian writers ,and her life story in a skillful and concise way.”


“Tilly’s workshop was a mixture of conviction mixed with a humor that “took the edge” off any negative reaction to the horrible green sin of envy,  while not absolving one of the need to repent. Tilly, I encourage you to keep teaching women how to get a handle on at least one of our sins, and reminding us how to enjoy what we have. Thank you for coming to Grace Bible Fellowship.”


“It made me think about my actions in all areas of my life. What were my motives? The true feelings behind words that have come out of me oftentimes towards others. The workshop was an eye-opener for me. Thank you, Tilly.”



You know it when you see it on a person—glory. Everybody is walking around with evidence that they were made in the image of a glorious God, and their bodies, talents, minds, possessions, and relationships impress you for that reason. So what do you do when your cousin is richer, your sister is prettier, your friend is more talented, your coworker is more efficient, and your best friend has a better marriage? Perhaps you hate these glories when they are given to somebody else.

There’s a name for this: it’s called envy. And there’s only one way out—learning to recognize, delight in, and praise God for what he’s given to the people around you. Someday you’ll be awash in the kind of glory that makes you forget to compare.


Session 1: Recognizing Glory

God, who placed images of himself throughout creation, gives us experiences that allow us to taste glory and long for more. Human beings are among the most vivid portraits of God’s glory—the problem is that the glories are not distributed equally. We’ll walk through seven particular kinds of glory that often inspire envy when we encounter them:  Beauty, money, intelligence, creative talent, competence, charm, and relationship.

Session 2: Recognizing Envy

Here, we discuss envy, one of the most under-confessed sins in the Christian church. We talk about what it is, what it isn’t, why it doesn’t often get talked about, and how each of us is affected.

Note: In groups under 100, this will be primarily a break-out discussion session with prepared topics and assigned discussion leaders.

Session 3: Battling Envy

This session is about specific ways we battle envy. These include practicing love, confessing sin, cultivating humility, and feeding our faith in the glories that God has promised in the new heavens and the new earth.

To book this event for the women of your church, email or call 615.480.0924.