Upcoming Releases

Tilly has a book coming out with Harvest House in September of 2018 called Seeing Green:  Don’t Let Envy Color Your Joy.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

You know it when you see it on a person—glory. Everybody is walking around with evidence that they were made in the image of a glorious God, and their bodies, talents, minds, possessions, and relationships impress you for that reason. So what do you do when your cousin is richer, your sister is prettier, your friend is more talented, your coworker is more efficient, and your best friend has a better marriage? Perhaps you hate these glories when they are given to somebody else.

There’s a name for this: it’s called envy. And there’s only one way out—learning to recognize, delight in, and praise God for what he’s given to the people around you. Someday you’ll be awash in the kind of glory that makes you forget to compare.

More information to come. If you are interested in receiving a free influencer copy, email tilly.dillehay@gmail.com.