I slipped between the sheets and rested my belly between us. She turned towards me in the dim light. I could see that her eyes were wet. “I’ll stay here with you,” I murmured. “Don’t worry. Go to sleep.” “I’m scared,” she said. “It’s okay, honey,” I said. “I’ll stay […]

I didn’t believe in death until I had to explain ...

My two-year-old gave herself a haircut yesterday. The first thing she said when I came in the room and found her with the scissors in her hands was, “It was too brown.” Then, feeling around for justification when she saw my wide open mouth, she changed that to, “It—it—it was […]

Mamas: Lay down your life or have it taken from ...

They warned me about a lot of things to expect in motherhood. Swollen ankles, for instance. Sleepless nights. Inexplicable fears, bodily fluids on furniture. I just don’t remember anybody mentioning the boredom. We young mothers at home are always doing something—wiping, reasoning, feeding, nursing, walking, watching, buckling, driving, shopping, disciplining, […]

It’s okay to be bored, mama