I so enjoyed my time with the ladies of Reformed Baptist Church of Nashville on Saturday! It was an encouraging time of worship, great discussion, and making new friends in the Lord. Now it’s time to announce another Green Workshop on the calendar. Saturday, December 2, Grace Bible Fellowship in Mt. […]

The Green Workshop in Mt. Juliet Dec 2

I have two perfect 16-inch loaves of French baguette in my refrigerator. This is the result of a morning of baking with the girls, between stints of playing outside and reading and eating lunch. There were several steps to get those loaves in the fridge, and there will be a […]

Baking in the eyes of a novice

The Green Workshop You know it when you see it on a person—glory. Everybody is walking around with evidence that they were made in the image of a glorious God, and their bodies, talents, minds, possessions, and relationships impress you for that reason. So what do you do when your […]

You’re invited to the first Green Workshop November 4

My husband comes in the door at the end of the day and we connect briefly with a nice peck on the lips. “You’re home,” I say. “Look who’s home, girls!” Then I return instantly to what I was doing—getting dinner on the table or putting pants on somebody. I […]

When a woman stops doing what she does best

My daughter got to stay at my parents’ early this week for two whole nights. A special treat. As excited as she was at this prospect, I have to admit that I was feeling the buzz as well. Because the thing about having one child gone is that I can […]

I’m holier when my 2-year-old does sleepovers

I’ve always wanted to get into Christian romance fiction. Ever since my days reading Janette Oke as a teenager, I’ve “felt the attraction” of this genre, so to speak. That’s why I’ve started one of these novels in my spare time, and I wanted to give you a little sneak […]

A Christian romance novel for people who usually don’t like ...

Hi friends, I apologize for going back on my promise to post every week but in this case there’s an exciting excuse for it: I’ve been on manuscript deadline. I’ve entered into a publishing agreement with Harvest House for my book about envy, and it’s scheduled to release on September […]

Book release date scheduled!

I picked her up roughly and carried her into the bathroom. “You know how to pee-pee like a big girl.”  I said.  “You know this. You need to stop pee-peeing on yourself because this is just not working anymore.” My angry lecture went on throughout the process of stripping, setting on the […]

Do you love your children enough to die for them?

I was rolling around with Baby Agnes this afternoon during Norah’s nap. My laptop was open nearby and the old Woody Allen movie, Manhattan, was playing. Its’ supposed to be a classic. I’ve been bringing this movie back up at naptimes trying to finish it every few days for the […]

Is this what my parents felt like?

I am sitting in a dark room on one end of my house, just off the kitchen. Carpet under my bare feet, a box fan going in the room for noise. My chubby six-month-old is laying in my arms wearing grey jammies with little black stars on them. Agnes can’t […]

More things I’d like to remember in ten years