It’s Election Day, and so much has been said about this bizarre and distasteful election that I have no interest in reading or saying anything else about it. Now, we wait. In the meantime, I think a little bit of lighter fare is in order. To that end, I’ve composed […]

Things I have cried about while pregnant

Wednesday was a strange and unexpectedly violent day at the Dillehay house. I was doing a workout video with Norah nearby, and as I was getting down on my knees to do the floor exercises (prenatal Pilates with BodyFit by Amy on YouTube) I noticed something unusual. There’s a sticky […]

The day I killed the mouse

Apparently, pop star Daya and Douglas Wilson’s daughter Rebekah Merkle have something in common: neither of them wants to sit still and look pretty. Merkle’s new release from Canon Press, Eve in Exile and the Restoration of Femininity, sets up smart, enjoyable takedown of the feminist manifesto. This was what […]

I don’t wanna sit still and look pretty either

I let my daughter watch ten minutes of Barney last night. I needed to trim her bangs, and she—at one and a half—gets a little nervous about me putting scissors near her eyes. Ten minutes and a successful trim later, it was time for supper. I pulled the iPad off […]

Do you have an addictive personality? Me too

The Bible tells us to confess our sins to God, with the promise that if we do he will forgive us. This seems straightforward enough. But in reality we often fear that God will not forgive us, partly because we’re super-aware that we’re confessing the same sin we’ve confessed a […]

Confessing the Same Old Sins

  It’s our anniversary today. Four years down. We’re working our way towards the really respectable numbers: Ten. Twenty. Fifty-five. But at four years down, we really don’t feel like newlyweds anymore. Whatever it is that comes after ‘newlywed’ and before ‘seasoned veteran’—that’s where we are. It’s a good, comfortable, […]

4 Things We’ve Learned in 4 Years of Marriage

This morning I found a hedge apple at the park. My daughter and I were walking there, as we do every day, and I noticed that a bunch of them had fallen overnight near the path. For her it was a miraculous discovery—a ready made, brightly colored ball to hold […]

Christian women shouldn’t be gullible

One of the best books I’ve read in the past five years is Middlemarch, by George Elliot. My favorite thing about this book is its two major portraits of early marriage. From these two portraits, you get two examples: there is one type of wife who is to be admired […]

Why you should pity your husband

About two weeks ago, a dear lady at my church was laid to rest after battling aggressive cancer for over a year. At the packed out memorial service, I heard person after person tell stories about Vera—her friendship and love for them, secret acts of service she had performed, and […]

4 ministry lessons from one small-town saint

Beyoncé’s newest surprise visual album, Lemonade, was released in April of this year. Reviewers couldn’t praise it highly enough, quickly enough. Clicking around online, my eye was caught by at least a dozen glowing descriptions from the likes of the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and just about anyone who […]

A Christian woman’s take on Beyonce’s Lemonade