Then the kingdom of  heaven Eclipse 2017 will be like a foolish virgin married lady with two conventionally-conceived children. For when the foolish lady made plans to view the 2017 American Eclipse, she didn’t buy eclipse glasses on Amazon back in July like a reasonable person who knows she has no […]

The foolish virgin and the eclipse glasses

I wanted to revisit the food issue this week, because it’s important to me to get something like this right. Last week I wrote about one rule that stops me from overeating, and I stand by my rule as a helpful practical aid in the everyday struggle against gluttony. But […]

Christ and the cracker

I know it—I’ve been terribly practical the last few weeks. Not much dwelling on gospel truths here, but I promise you I don’t plan to camp here forever. Also, today’s topic has to do with an everyday living kind of thing that does (I wish it didn’t) carry over into […]

The one rule that keeps me from overeating

I’m fascinated by the power of a good question. This fascination probably dates back to when I was a preteen. My dad put a book into my hand that year: How to Win Friends and Influence People, the Dale Carnegie bestseller, the self-help book from before self-help books existed. For […]

Five questions to help you get closer to other women

The following book review recently appeared on The Gospel Coalition here.     Raise your hands, women, if these questions feel familiar: Who are my friends? What purpose do I serve in their lives? How can I get closer to them? How do I handle conflict with my friends? Why […]

A Field Guide for Making Friends

They warned me about a lot of things to expect in motherhood. Swollen ankles, for instance. Sleepless nights. Inexplicable fears, bodily fluids on furniture. I just don’t remember anybody mentioning the boredom. We young mothers at home are always doing something—wiping, reasoning, feeding, nursing, walking, watching, buckling, driving, shopping, disciplining, […]

It’s okay to be bored, mama

The people who design grocery stores know what they’re doing. Every time you go to check out, you find racks of very specific kinds of things lined up near the registers. Candy. Magazines. Big bins of $5 movies that you haven’t thought about in fifteen years. Those who design the […]

3 reasons we aren’t God’s ‘impulse buy’

“I only want a little bit of steadiness!” This was me six years ago: desperate, wailing to my pastor and his wife. I was a baby Christian and it felt like every week was a new high or a new low. Not only was I tired from struggle with miring […]

God wants to make you steady

by Justin Dillehay It all started when my wife laughed at one of my favorite songs. A couple of a years ago, my wife Tilly and I were driving down the road, and I decided to introduce her to “Chicken Fried,” the debut single from the Zac Brown Band. If […]

Memorial Day, Country Music, and Chicken Fried Common Grace

My oldest girl would subsist on fruit alone if she could. Blueberries, apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, melons, grapes, pineapples, pears—she asks for these things many times a day, and I wash, cut, peel, slice, ball, and plate them for her many times a day. I taste the fruit to see […]

Feed your children fruit