I was on the phone with my younger sister last week, and she asked me, sort of wistfully, to describe for her what being married with children is like. It’s all either of us ever wanted, I think, and the only firm life plan we ever had for ourselves. Now […]

4 things I want my little sister to know about ...

by Justin Dillehay “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” This statement is one of the hallmarks of a certain type of religious person (though she would likely prefer to be called “spiritual”). This person is always searching, always asking, always roaming. If she hears you claim that you’ve found […]

A Time to Quit Searching

Due to the presence of a toddler in my life, I completed fewer books this year than in years past (it was worth it, of course). Still, I managed to get through enough to want to recommend my favorites from this year. (Note: these books were not necessarily released in 2016; […]

Justin’s Top 10 Favorite Reads of 2016

Whenever I happen to find myself pregnant during the Christmas season, it seems like the virgin Mary is on my mind more often than usual. Granted, this has only been the case for two Decembers in my life so far—2014, and the present. But I remember the same thing happening […]

Thinking about Mary while pregnant at Christmas

This book review was recently featured on The Gospel Coalition. ———- “If anyone else wants to live this life I’ve created for myself, they’re more than welcome to try. But I’m done. I need a new way to live.” This is the state of Shauna Neiquist’s mind in the opening […]

Are American women tired and hungry?

It’s Election Day, and so much has been said about this bizarre and distasteful election that I have no interest in reading or saying anything else about it. Now, we wait. In the meantime, I think a little bit of lighter fare is in order. To that end, I’ve composed […]

Things I have cried about while pregnant

Wednesday was a strange and unexpectedly violent day at the Dillehay house. I was doing a workout video with Norah nearby, and as I was getting down on my knees to do the floor exercises (prenatal Pilates with BodyFit by Amy on YouTube) I noticed something unusual. There’s a sticky […]

The day I killed the mouse

Apparently, pop star Daya and Douglas Wilson’s daughter Rebekah Merkle have something in common: neither of them wants to sit still and look pretty. Merkle’s new release from Canon Press, Eve in Exile and the Restoration of Femininity, sets up smart, enjoyable takedown of the feminist manifesto. This was what […]

I don’t wanna sit still and look pretty either

I let my daughter watch ten minutes of Barney last night. I needed to trim her bangs, and she—at one and a half—gets a little nervous about me putting scissors near her eyes. Ten minutes and a successful trim later, it was time for supper. I pulled the iPad off […]

Do you have an addictive personality? Me too

The Bible tells us to confess our sins to God, with the promise that if we do he will forgive us. This seems straightforward enough. But in reality we often fear that God will not forgive us, partly because we’re super-aware that we’re confessing the same sin we’ve confessed a […]

Confessing the Same Old Sins