by Justin Dillehay “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” This statement is one of the hallmarks of a certain type of religious person (though she would likely prefer to be called “spiritual”). This person is always searching, always asking, always roaming. If she hears you claim that you’ve found […]

A Time to Quit Searching

Wednesday was a strange and unexpectedly violent day at the Dillehay house. I was doing a workout video with Norah nearby, and as I was getting down on my knees to do the floor exercises (prenatal Pilates with BodyFit by Amy on YouTube) I noticed something unusual. There’s a sticky […]

The day I killed the mouse

Apparently, pop star Daya and Douglas Wilson’s daughter Rebekah Merkle have something in common: neither of them wants to sit still and look pretty. Merkle’s new release from Canon Press, Eve in Exile and the Restoration of Femininity, sets up smart, enjoyable takedown of the feminist manifesto. This was what […]

I don’t wanna sit still and look pretty either