Book Review

A few friends and I have started a book club together, and we just did a meeting on Till We Have Faces. We’re trying to be very serious about this club, writing pieces or researching discussion questions before we meet. So far we’re very earnest but distracted, like college freshmen […]

The outrageous demands of God

Apparently, pop star Daya and Douglas Wilson’s daughter Rebekah Merkle have something in common: neither of them wants to sit still and look pretty. Merkle’s new release from Canon Press, Eve in Exile and the Restoration of Femininity, sets up smart, enjoyable takedown of the feminist manifesto. This was what […]

I don’t wanna sit still and look pretty either

Justin recently published a review of Greg Gilbert’s Why Trust the Bible? over at The Gospel Coalition. You can read the review here. For those who might be interested, Justin has also reviewed Graham Goldsworthy’s The Son of God and the New Creation, Dan Darling’s The Original Jesus: Trading the […]

Why Trust the Bible?