My husband comes in the door at the end of the day and we connect briefly with a nice peck on the lips. “You’re home,” I say. “Look who’s home, girls!” Then I return instantly to what I was doing—getting dinner on the table or putting pants on somebody. I […]

When a woman stops doing what she does best

My daughter got to stay at my parents’ early this week for two whole nights. A special treat. As excited as she was at this prospect, I have to admit that I was feeling the buzz as well. Because the thing about having one child gone is that I can […]

I’m holier when my 2-year-old does sleepovers

I’ve always wanted to get into Christian romance fiction. Ever since my days reading Janette Oke as a teenager, I’ve “felt the attraction” of this genre, so to speak. That’s why I’ve started one of these novels in my spare time, and I wanted to give you a little sneak […]

A Christian romance novel for people who usually don’t like ...

Hi friends, I apologize for going back on my promise to post every week but in this case there’s an exciting excuse for it: I’ve been on manuscript deadline. I’ve entered into a publishing agreement with Harvest House for my book about envy, and it’s scheduled to release on September […]

Book release date scheduled!

I picked her up roughly and carried her into the bathroom. “You know how to pee-pee like a big girl.”  I said.  “You know this. You need to stop pee-peeing on yourself because this is just not working anymore.” My angry lecture went on throughout the process of stripping, setting on the […]

Do you love your children enough to die for them?

I was rolling around with Baby Agnes this afternoon during Norah’s nap. My laptop was open nearby and the old Woody Allen movie, Manhattan, was playing. Its’ supposed to be a classic. I’ve been bringing this movie back up at naptimes trying to finish it every few days for the […]

Is this what my parents felt like?

I am sitting in a dark room on one end of my house, just off the kitchen. Carpet under my bare feet, a box fan going in the room for noise. My chubby six-month-old is laying in my arms wearing grey jammies with little black stars on them. Agnes can’t […]

More things I’d like to remember in ten years

Then the kingdom of  heaven Eclipse 2017 will be like a foolish virgin married lady with two conventionally-conceived children. For when the foolish lady made plans to view the 2017 American Eclipse, she didn’t buy eclipse glasses on Amazon back in July like a reasonable person who knows she has no […]

The foolish virgin and the eclipse glasses

I wanted to revisit the food issue this week, because it’s important to me to get something like this right. Last week I wrote about one rule that stops me from overeating, and I stand by my rule as a helpful practical aid in the everyday struggle against gluttony. But […]

Christ and the cracker

I know it—I’ve been terribly practical the last few weeks. Not much dwelling on gospel truths here, but I promise you I don’t plan to camp here forever. Also, today’s topic has to do with an everyday living kind of thing that does (I wish it didn’t) carry over into […]

The one rule that keeps me from overeating